In this project reseachers will study how to use rest raw material from salmon in the production of bioplastics. Photo: Frank Gregersen © Nofima


Biovalorization of Marine Raw Rest Materials into Polyhydroxyalkanoate-Based Products

 Marine biotechnology  

The overall goal for this project is twofold; the establishment of biovalorization processes to convert unutilized marine raw rest materials into valuable bioproducts on a pilot scale.

Time:2. January 2017 – 27. December 2019
Financed by: Norwegian Research Council, BIOTEK2021
In cooperation with:Norut Northern Research Institute AS, NORNER AS, University of Tromsø, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Primary objective

The identification of processes for the efficient conversion of fish peptone and oils into PHAs and R-3HAs.

Secondary objectives

Establishment of

  • MMC fermentation methodologies using fermented peptone streams
  • test potential medical applications for mcl-PHA
  • a robust and efficient purification protocol for R-3HAs
  • a long-term partnerships /collaborations with experts in the field, and
  • the identification of commercial opportunities and potential partners/end users


In this project the focus will be on

  • identifying the fermentation approach most suited for eventual scaling up to production levels
  • the capability of producing commercial valuable PHAs with acceptable uniformity and reproducibility
  • modification of the PHA base polymer with relevant additives to suit different plastics conversion processes, and
  • identifying and solving purification issues for R-3HA analogues in sub-kilogram scale
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