LTLT sous vide

 Processing technology  

The main objective is to create a whole new series of industrially manufactured sous vide gourmet dishes.

Time:1. January 2013 – 31. December 2015
Financed by: The Research Council of Norway
In cooperation with:Fjordland AS (prosjekt owner), Fjordkjøkken AS, Vilteksperten AS, Nortura AS, NCE Culinology, Gastronomisk Institutt

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Contact person
Portrettbilde av Jan Thomas Rosnes
Jan Thomas Rosnes

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 901 72 816


The main objective of the project is to create a whole new series of industrially manufactured sous vide gourmet dishes. The main innovation element for achieving this goal is to use heat treatment at Low Temperature Long Time (LTLT).

The method has been used by chefs for cook-serve systems, but never been developed in Norway for sous vide on an industrial scale and there is a  need for knowledge and documentation before taking the method in use. A focus is also set on producing traditional and season products.

The main scientific objective is to identify and solve microbiological, enzymatic and other quality challenges for sous vide products that are processed at low temperature (60-75 ° C) during long time.

Secondary objectives

1. Documenting mechanisms for inhibition of heat affected bacteria

2. Provide tools to document shelf lifes by studying microbial dynamics

3. Systemize analysis of enzymes that have activity optimum at current process temperatures and study the kinetics of one or more enzymes of significant importance for the final quality

4 . Demonstrating the possibilities for controlling quality by developing optimized products based in information from the  above-mentioned goals

5. Development of a market for gourmet sous vide products through consumer insight and communication.

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