Utvalg av bringebær på en blå bakgrunn

High quality cultivars of strawberry and raspberry for processing and fresh market

 Food and health  

The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of Norwegian berry production and berry industry through well suited, new cultivars of strawberries and raspberries for processing and fresh market.

Time:1. January 2014 – 31. December 2017
Financed by: The research council of Norway

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Contact person
Portrettbilde av Kjersti Aaby
Kjersti Aaby

Phone: +47 909 72 164

Secondary objectives are:

  • To develop molecular markers for a more effective selection of cultivars for processing and fresh market
  • To gain new knowledge on metabolites in berries and connection between molecular markers and metabolites
  • To gain new knowledge on connection between metabolites and key characters in the berries, and quality and storability of berries and berry products
  • To develop a targeted and effective system (tool) for testing and selecting berry cultivars for processing and fresh market

To find climatically adapted cultivars with good growing characteristics for use in processing and fresh market

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