Laksefilet i fiskedisk i Nederland.
Laksefilet i fiskedisk i Nederland

Currency changes and the seafood industry

How do currency changes affect the performance and competitive position of the Norwegian seafood industry?

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The Norwegian seafood industry relies on selling most of its production in a global market. The Norwegian krone is a sensitive currency that fluctuates a great deal. In recent times, the krone exchange rate has been highly dependent on developments in crude oil prices.

The aim of the project is to monitor how currency exchange rate developments affect the performance of the Norwegian seafood industry and competitive position in the period 2016 through 2019.

Reports (Summary in English):

Valutaeffekter i sjømatindustrien – perioden 2016–2019. Faglig sluttrapport, 2020

Valutaeffekter i sjømatindustrien – 2017 og første halvår 2018, 2018

Valutaeffekter i norsk sjømatindustri, 2016

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