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Economic and environmental consequences of catch regulations

 Industrial economics  

How do catch regulations affect catch efficiency, quality and fuel consumption? And how should the authorities avoid goal conflicts when more and more goals are to be achieved through catch regulations?

Time:1. December 2019 – 31. January 2021
Financed by: FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund
Commissioner:FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund
In cooperation with:Sintef Ocean and Norges Arktiske universitet
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Bent Magne Dreyer
Bent Magne Dreyer

Research Director
Phone: +47 992 76 715

The Norwegian management regime in the fisheries has always aimed to influence fishing behavior so that the fisheries become more sustainable. This project sheds light on how future catch regulations should be designed.

Several factors indicate that the authorities need to prioritize between different goals. This balancing becomes even more complicated when new goals are added. The project draws attention to how the quality of the landings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved at the expense of catch efficiency.

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