Wild cod being transferred to fish hotel. Photo: Tor Evensen/Nofima


Market-oriented and sustainable value chains for cod products based on live storage

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CATCH is a visionary project where the objective is to “catch” the maximal sustainable value of wild Atlantic cod based on live storage.

Time:1. April 2014 – 31. October 2018
Financed by: The Research Council of Norway
In cooperation with:Nergård AS, Nic Haug AS, Halvors Tradisjonsfisk AS, Myre Havbruk AS, Tommen Gram, Multivac, Coop Norge, Handelshøyskolen I Tromsø, Norges fiskerihøgskole, Universitetet I Stavanger/IRIS, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Duke University, Aarhus School of Business
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Portrettbilde av Geir Sogn-Grundvåg
Geir Sogn-Grundvåg

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 470 29 204

By keeping cod alive after capture, the long-standing and substantial challenges associated with variations in supply volumes and quality can be overcome.

This opens up completely new possibilities for market-oriented and sustainable value chains for wild cod where consumers are provided with premium value and satisfaction and grocery retailers with long shelf-life, very high and uniform product quality and timely delivery.

For fresh cod fillets in consumer packs for example, shelf life can be extended substantially through pre-rigor filleting and optimised packaging technology. When cod is slaughtered on site, all by-products are retained and of premium quality which contributes to optimal resource utilisation.

Moreover, when cod is stored live in the peak season (January-March), the supply of Norwegian cod is reduced in a period when large supply volumes of cod usually leads to low prices and poor profit margins for both fishers and the processing industry.

In this way, live storage of cod can enhance the value of the Norwegian cod stock at the same time as it leads to a more sustainable use of this important natural resource.

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