Innovative and Sustainable Exploitation of Plant Proteins in Future Foods

FoodProFuture aims to develop the necessary knowledge platform for optimal production and utilization of Norwegian plant resources into tasty, healthy and attractive plant-based food products with high protein content.

Time:1. March 2017 – 28. April 2021
Financed by: The Research Council of Norway and participating companies
In cooperation with:NMBU (prosjektleader), Nofima, NTNU, NIBIO, Østfoldforskning, SIFO, Luke & VTT-Finland, University of Food Technologies-Plovdiv, Bulgaria, CSGA-Frankrike, AgriAnalyse, NLR, Halogen, Skala, BAMA, Gartnerhallen, AM nutrition, Norsk Matraps, Borregaard, Mills, Orkla Foods, Hoff, Lantmannen Cerealia,
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Svein Halvor Knutsen
Svein Halvor Knutsen

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 482 99 594

This will be an important stepping-stone to achieving a more sustainable diet with a reduced environmental footprint and improved health benefits for large population groups. Knowledge from this platform will enable the Norwegian food system to produce sustainable plant-based products of high quality, giving opportunities for economic gain both in the agricultural sector and in the food industry.

Key bio-resources will be grain legumes and oats, as well as side streams from cereal, potato and rapeseed processing. The project aims to produce a range of protein-rich model products created through the combination of new knowledge of protein-rich crop production adapted to the Norwegian climate, and new, innovative technologies based on dry fractionation combined with other processing technologies.

This also includes characterization of functional and sensory properties of the selected model products. The project will further provide in-depth knowledge on health and safety aspects of plant-based products including effects on nutrient bioavailability and possible immune responses. The environmental impact of the entire food system from primary production to consumer will be assessed using LCA and social analyses. Finally, the project will provide insight about consumer demands for plant-based products and their markets, and uncover current barriers in the food system (agricultural, consumer, industry) blocking the shift towards a more sustainable diet. Increased understanding of the Norwegian consumers and industry’s perceptions related to their demands for high protein plant-based food products is crucial knowledge to succeed in a future shift towards a more sustainable diet.

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