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Developing ecofriendly marine ingredients and products from underutilised marine species.


The global food production is facing enormous challenges in terms of sustainability and food security for a growing population. We need to reduce food losses, fully exploit raw materials and produce food more sustainably. To achieve this, we need precision food production, a food industry that produces exactly the products and qualities that the market needs and at the same time minimizes food waste. […]

Fishery at 78°

The project aims to prepare Longyearbyen on Svalbard, as the world’s northernmost town, to become a food destination with culinary experiences amongst others based on coastal captured and processed red king crab and snow crab.

Green technology for plant-based food

A primary goal in “GreenPlantFood” is to contribute to restructuring the farm to fork food systems in Norway towards a more sustainable and “green” value chain.


For older adults, undernutrition can be a serious health problem. EAT4AGE will prevent undernutrition and avoid impaired muscle function by investigating how age-related changes, such as decline in digestive functions, oral processing, sensory perception, and appetite, can be overcome.


The main objective of this research program is to contribute to research-driven innovation in the Norwegian food industry in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals through understanding innovation processes, consumers, and product and process interactions.


The project iFOODnet (Towards a Norway – Japan Innovative Research & Training Network Driving Next-Generation Food Systems) will develop world-class research and education in Norway upon long-term Noway-Japan (inter)national partnership on four cross-disciplinary/sectoral innovation pillars (CIPs) paving the way towards next-generation sustainable, resource-efficient, zero-waste food systems, and eventually, a smart, circular & resilient bioeconomy 4.0.


The project aims at discussing measures for improving the Norwegian fisheries resource control system and reduce the extent of illegal activities.

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