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Biography Stine Alm Hersleth

I work as a project manager in both small and large industry related projects in the field of innovation, product development and process development. I also work with management of different courses and networks transferring knowledge from science to food industry. My education is Master of food science from University of Life Science (UMB), Norway. My professional experience is from various positions within A/S Freia and Stabburet AS in the period of year 1996 – 2000.

Stine Alm has 15 other publications in Cristin:

Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2017: Små bakerier kan delta i kompetansenettverket

Aale Hægermark, Wenche; Løvaas, André; Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2017: Blant wienerbrød, brioche og scones

Gonera, Antje; Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2016: Innovation is more than Product Development

Gonera, Antje; Hersleth, Stine Alm; Risvik, Einar; 2016: Innovation and Product Development course for the Northern Periphery and Arctic Program Northern Cereals – New Markets for a Changing Environment

Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2016: Innovasjonsprosesser

Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2016: Insight and «The Job to be Done»

Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2016: Mat og drikketrender i 2016

Holtekjølen, Ann Katrin; Løvaas, André; Hersleth, Stine Alm; Gonera, Antje; 2016: Produktutviklingskurs hos Nofima, Baker og Konditor

Gonera, Antje; Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2016: Innovation and business model at Nofima

Hersleth, Stine Alm; Vorre, Aase; Martinsen, Berit Karoline; 2016: Hjelper lokale bærprodusenter

Christensen, Kasper; Gonera, Antje; Grimsby, Sveinung; Grini, Ida Synnøve Bårvåg; Hersleth, Stine Alm; Risvik, Einar; Ueland, Øydis; 2016: Fra innsikt til effekt

Christensen, Kasper; Hersleth, Stine Alm; Næs, Tormod; Risvik, Einar; Kvaal, Knut; Olsen, Nina Veflen; 2015: Big data provides ideas with innovation potential for the brewing industry

Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2015: GO BEYOND PRODUCTS - How to avoid being easily copied

Hersleth, Stine Alm; Mortvedt, Hilde Skotland; Sørheim, Oddvin; 2013: Bli god på hverdagsinnovasjon

Mortvedt, Hilde Skotland; Hersleth, Stine Alm; 2013: Nye muligheter for kjøttbransjen