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Solomon Antwi has 11 scientific publications in Cristin:

Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Dagnachew, Binyam Sime; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Ådnøy, Tormod; 2018: Prediction accuracy of direct and indirect approaches, and their relationships with prediction ability of calibration models

Lillehammer, Marie; Gjerde, Bjarne; Norris, Ashie; Løvoll, Marie Therese; Boison, Solomon Antwi; 2017: Genetic parameters for resistance to amoebic gill disease in Atlantic salmon

Getachew, Tesfaye; Huson, Heather J; Wurzinger, Maria; Burgstaller, Jorg; Gizaw, Solomon; Haile, Aynalem; Rischkowsky, Barbara; Brem, Gottfried; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Mészáros, Gábor; Mwai, Ally Okeyo; Sölkner, Johann; 2017: Identifying highly informative genetic markers for quantification of ancestry proportions in crossbred sheep populations: Implications for choosing optimum levels of admixture

Utsunomiya, Adam T.H.; Santos, Daniel J.A.; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Utsunomiya, Yuri T.; Milanesi, Marco; Bickhart, Derek M.; Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo; Sölkner, Johann; Garcia, José F.; da Fonseca, Ricardo; da Silva, Marcos V.G.B.; 2016: Revealing misassembled segments in the bovine reference genome by high resolution linkage disequilibrium scan

Boison, Solomon Antwi; Santos, D.J.A.; Utsunomiya, A. H. T.; Carvalheiro, R.; Neves, H. H. R.; O'Brien, A. M. P.; Garcia, J. F.; Soelkner, J.; da Silva, M. V. G. B.; 2015: Strategies for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping to enhance genotype imputation in Gyr (Bos indicus) dairy cattle: Comparison of commercially available SNP chips

Hillestad, Borghild; Woolliams, John Arthur; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Våge, Dag Inge; Meuwissen, Theo; Klemetsdal, Gunnar; 2015: Screening for selection signatures in Norwegian Red cattle

Mészáros, Gábor; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Pérez O’Brien, Ana Maria; 2015: Genomic analysis for managing small and endangered populations: a case study in Tyrol Grey cattle

O'Brien, A. M. P.; Holler, D.; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Milanesi, M.; Bomba, L; Utsunomiya, YT; Carvalheiro, R.; Neves, H. H. R.; da Silva, M. V. G. B.; van Tassel, C.P.; Sonstegard, T.S.; Meszaros, G.; Ajmone-Marsan, P.; Garcia, F; Sölkner, Johann; 2015: Low levels of taurine introgression in the current Brazilian Nelore and Gir indicine cattle populations

Boison, Solomon Antwi; Neves, H. H. R.; O'Brien, A. M. P.; Utsunomiya, YT; Carvalheiro, R.; da Silva, M. V. G. B.; Sölkner, Johann; Garcia, J. F.; 2014: Imputation of non-genotyped individuals using genotyped progeny in Nellore, a Bos indicus cattle breed

Carvalheiro, R.; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Neves, H. H. R.; Sargolzaei, M.; Schenkel, F.; Utsunomiya, YT; O'Brien, A. M. P.; Sölkner, Johann; McEwan, Jean A.; van Tassel, C.P.; Sonstegard, T.S.; Garcia, J. F.; 2014: Accuracy of genotype imputation in Nelore cattle

Silva, M.V.B.; dos Santos, D.J.A.; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Utsunomiya, A. H. T.; Carmo, A.S.; Sonstegard, T.S.; Cole, J. B.; van Tassel, C.P.; 2014: The development of genomics applied to dairy breeding