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Biography Siril Alm

I work as a researcher at Nofima, where I have been since 2010. My research area is marketing with specialization in consumer behavior.
In 2015, I completed a Ph.D. degree in social sciences at the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. The thesis was entitled “Exploring Social Influences on children’s food attitudes and consumption”. By interviewing children aged 4-8 years and their parents I explored how kindergarten staff and parents affects children’s attitudes, preferences and consumption of food. I mainly use qualitative research methods, and I used photo interviews/ photo elicitation in my doctoral thesis.
I also have a master degree in marketing from UiT (2009), where the final thesis was about children’s attitude to seafood. I have a Bachelor degree in export marketing from the University of Nordland (2004). Previously I have worked both with marketing and accounting at the Norwegian Seafood Council, Lerøy Seafood Group and Hurtigruten.

Siril has 20 other publications in Cristin:

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