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Biography Ragnhild Aven Svalheim

I am a PhD student at Nofima and have been working here since 2013. My field of research is fisheries biology with specialization in swimming physiology and the recuperation physiology of fishes. My work consists of experimentally simulating the conditions that occur during harvesting in the commercial trawl fishery and investigating how these conditions affect the physiology fishes and what consequences this has for the raw material. By simulating trawling it is possible to study different phases of this fishery and see how these individually affect welfare and quality of the fish. I have a bachelors degree in Environmental science from the University of Bergen with focus on multidisciplinary approach to anthropogenic environmental challenges. I also have a Master of Science in Fisheries biology and management from the same university. In my thesis I wrote about skin morphology and scale loss in herring crowded in a purse seine and to what degree scale loss effect the mortality of herring slipped from a purse seine.