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Biography Panya Sae-Lim

I am currently working on optimization of rainbow trout breeding program for GxE interaction as my PhD project in Wageningen University. My supervisors are Dr. Hans Komen, Dr. Antti Kause, Dr. Han Mulder, and Prof. dr. ir. J.A.M. van Arendonk.

Panya has 9 scientific publications in Cristin:

Sae-Lim, Panya; Grøva, Lise; Olesen, Ingrid; Varona, Luis; 2017: A comparison of nonlinear mixed models and response to selection of tick-infestation on lambs

Sae-Lim, Panya; Kause, Antti; Mulder, Han A.; Olesen, Ingrid; 2017: BREEDING AND GENETICS SYMPOSIUM: Climate change and selective breeding in aquaculture

Sae-Lim, Panya; Kause, Antti; Lillehammer, Marie; Mulder, Han A.; 2017: Estimation of breeding values for uniformity of growth in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) using pedigree relationships or single‑step genomic evaluation

Sae-Lim, Panya; Gjerde, Bjarne; Nielsen, Hanne Marie; Mulder, Han; Kause, Antti; 2016: A review of genotype-by-environment interaction and micro-environmental sensitivity in aquaculture species

Sae-Lim, Panya; Bijma, Piter; 2016: Comparison of designs for estimating genetic parameters and obtaining response to selection for social interaction traits in aquaculture

Bangera, Rama; Drangsholt, Tale Marie Karlsson; Nielsen, Hanne Marie; Sae-Lim, Panya; Ødegård, Jørgen; Puvanendran, Velmurugu; Hansen, Øyvind J; Mortensen, Atle; 2015: Genotype by Environment Interaction for Growth in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.) in Four Farms of Norway

Sae-Lim, Panya; Mulder, Han; Gjerde, Bjarne; Koskinen, Heikki; Lillehammer, Marie; Kause, Antti; 2015: Genetics of growth reaction norms in farmed rainbow trout

Sae-Lim, Panya; Kause, Antti; Janhunen, Matti; Vehviläinen, Harri; Koskinen, Heikki; Gjerde, Bjarne; Lillehammer, Marie; Mulder, Han A.; 2015: Genetic (co) variance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) body weight and its uniformity across production environments

Sae-Lim, Panya; Komen, Hans; Kause, Antti; Mulder, Han A.; 2014: Identifying environmental variables explaining genotype-by-environment interaction for body weight of rainbow trout (Onchorynchus mykiss): Reaction norm and factor analytic models