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Biography Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

I am Market Scientist at the Department of Marketing Research. My academic background is in applied linguistics. My research output has mostly been the result of industry-university collaborations where I study human socio-cognition and behaviour in the acceptance and use of emerging product-services. I have a doctoral degree in applied linguistics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where I studied the Scandinavian/Swedish management style in the working context of Asia/Singapore. I also have two separate masters degrees, in English Language obtained from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and in Information Studies from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. My research interests include (i) research methodology and design, (ii) applied linguistics in international business studies, and (iii) cross-cultural organization and management strategies.ResearcherID: P-4552-2016
Scopus Author ID: 55319861700

Cheryl Marie has 31 scientific publications in Cristin:

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2019: On the basis of the Uppsala model: Evolution of European research models and frameworks

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2019: Negotiating with Managers from Singapore

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2019: An Integral Theory Approach to the Feedback System in Supervising Doctoral Students in the Nordic Higher Education Context

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Sogn-Grundvåg, Geir; 2019: An integral systems theory perspective of interdisciplinary collaboration: The example of CATCH, a capture-based aquaculture research project for quality Norwegian cod products

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Language as heteroglot. The bridging qualities of Swedish-English (SweE) and Singapore Colloquial English (SCE)in cross-cultural working environments

Bröhner, Jan; Bulander, Rebecca; Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Hyytinen, Kirsi; Kölmel, Bernhard; Richter, Alexander; Ruutu, Sampsa; Schoblik, Johanna; Toivonen, Marja; Windrum, Paul; 2018: Manifestation of Intent in product-service systems: A study of a type of sensing in collaborative robots

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Positioning theoretical perspective in academic writing: Teaching culture theory in International Business studies in the context of Industry 4.0

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Using systemic functional linguistics as method in identifying semogenic strategies in intercultural communication: A study of the collocation of “time” and “different” by Swedish managers with international management experiences

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Which User of technology? Perspectivising the UTAUT model by application of the SFL language Pronoun System towards a systems perspective of technology acceptance and use

Lindström, Nataliya Berbyuk; Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Framing of national image in a climate of socio-political uncertainty: A study of IKEA and Volvo Car Corporation in Swedish and Russian news media

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Toward a Systems Perspective of Culture and Communication in the Field of International Business Studies

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2018: Gothenburg in Asia, Asia in Gothenburg (eBook)

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2017: Perspectives in Managing State Global Competitiveness: Singapore and the Götheborg IV Model

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2017: Relativity in Perspective in Culture Theories: The Götheborg IV Model

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2017: Using systemic functional linguistic metafunction as a tool in identifying Agency in organizational change in cross-cultural management contexts

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2017: Work Engagement in the Era of Industry 4.0: Mapping Perspectives and Knowledge in E-Strategy Implementation

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2016: Chinese Wisdom, World Quality: A Visual Semiotic Analysis of China's “Zou Xiang Shi Jie” (Going Global)

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2016: The Gotheborg IV (G4) Model and the Function of Language in the Globalization Process of the Firm: The Case of Swedish MNEs

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2016: An integrated perspective of a ‘World Without Verona Walls’: the Götheborg IV model

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2016: Internationalisation theory perspective of product-service innovation: the Götheborg IV model

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2014: Managing heterochronous socio-economic development: Investigating the concurrent duo discourses of Singapore’s “Total Fertility Rate (TFR)” and “Singapore Incorporated”

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2014: Regional actors with “a common DNA”?: Analyzing ASEAN-EU relations from the perspective of integral theory

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2013: Navigating the dual structure of world history: Sweden’s trade relations with China from the 18th century

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2012: Human Capital and Brand Innovation in China: the case of Geely Automobile from 2007 to 2011

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Hawamdeh, Suliman; 2011: Leveraging socio-culturally situated tacit knowledge

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2010: A discourse analysis study of assimilation and integration of management styles: the case of Swedish managers in Singapore

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2010: Using tacit knowledge in organizational change: a case study of the Swedish model of management in Singapore

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; 2009: Swedish management in Singapore: a discourse analysis study of the concept of trust between Swedish and Chinese managers in Singapore

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Al-Hawamdeh, Suliman; 2005: National Information Infrastructure

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Al-Hawamdeh, Suliman; 2005: Social cognition theory and discourse analysis as frameworks in accessing implicit knowledge: the case of Swedish organizations in Singapore

Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Al-Hawamdeh, Suliman; 2001: National Information Infrastructure and the Realization of Singapore IT2000. (Master of Science thesis)