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Biography Bente Kirkhus

Senior Research Scientist at Nofima since 2008. My main research interest is food and health with focus on fat and fat soluble compounds in edible oils, cereals, vegetables, meat and fish. My current research is focused on studying the digestion of foods and food emulsions, and how processing may increase bioaccessibility of nutrients. I am involved in studies on how food structure and food components influence fat digestion and how products can be designed to promote satiety. My current research also includes studies of lipid peroxidation during digestion, with special focus on the relationship between digestion of red meat and colon cancer. Master of Science (Physics) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (1980), and Dr.Philos in cell biology and carcinogenesis from the University of Oslo (1996). Professional experience as Research Scientist at the Institute of Pathology, The National Hospital, Oslo (1980-1992), and Research Scientist and Research Manager in the Norwegian food company Mills DA (1993-2008).

Bente has 27 scientific publications in Cristin:

Rønning, Sissel Beate; Pedersen, Mona Elisabeth; Berg, Ragnhild Stenberg; Kirkhus, Bente; Rødbotten, Rune; 2018: Vitamin K2 improves proliferation and migration of bovine skeletal muscle cells in vitro

Steppeler, Christina; Sødring, Marianne Sundt; Egelandsdal, Bjørg; Kirkhus, Bente; Oostindjer, Marije; Alvseike, Ole; Gangsei, Lars Erik; Hovland, Ellen Margrethe; Pierre, Fabrice; Paulsen, Jan Erik; 2017: Effects of dietary beef, pork, chicken and salmon on intestinal carcinogenesis in A/J Min/+ mice

Mackie, A.R.; Bajka, B.H.; Rigby, N.M.; Wilde, P.J.; Alves-Pereira, F.; Færgestad, Ellen Mosleth; Rieder, Anne; Kirkhus, Bente; Salt, L.J.; 2017: Oatmeal particle size alters glycemic index but not as a function of gastric emptying rate

Steppeler, Christina; Haugen, John-Erik; Rødbotten, Rune; Kirkhus, Bente; 2016: Formation of Malondialdehyde, 4-Hydroxynonenal, and 4-Hydroxyhexenal during in Vitro Digestion of Cooked Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Salmon

Rønning, Sissel Beate; Pedersen, Mona Elisabeth; Kirkhus, Bente; Rødbotten, Rune; 2016: Vitamin K2 improves proliferation of bovine skeletal muscle cells in vitro

Heggen, Eli; Kirkhus, Bente; Pedersen, Jan I; Tonstad, Serena; 2015: Effects of margarine enriched with plant sterol esters from rapeseed and tall oils on markers of endothelial function, inflammation and hemostasis

Kirkhus, Bente; Lamglait, Amandine; Storrø, Ivar; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Olsen, Elisabeth; Olsen, Elisabeth; Lundby, Frank; Standal, Håkon; 2015: The role of water in protection against thermal deterioration of liquid margarine

Minekus, Mans; Alminger, Marie; Alvito, Paula; Ballance, Simon; Bohn, T; Bourlieu, Claire; Carriere, F; Boutrou, Rachel; Corredig, M; Dupont, D; Dufour, Claire; Egger, L; Golding, M; Karakaya, Sibel; Kirkhus, Bente; le Feunteun, Steven; Lesmes, U; Macierzanka, Adam; Mackie, Alan; Marze, Sebastien; McClements, D. J.; Ménard, O.; Recio, I.; Santos, C. N.; Singh, R. P.; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth; Wickham, M. S. J.; Weitschies, Werner; Brodkorb, A.; 2014: A standardised static in vitro digestion method suitable for food-an international consensus

Aarak, Kristi Ekrann; Kirkhus, Bente; Johansen, Silje; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth; Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; 2014: Effect of broccoli phytochemical extract on release of fatty acids from salmon muscle and salmon oil during in vitro digestion

Rødbotten, Rune; Gundersen, Thomas Erik; Vermeer, Cees; Kirkhus, Bente; 2014: Vitamin K2 in different bovine muscles and breeds

Aarak, Kristi Ekrann; Rigby, Neil; Kirkhus, Bente; Salt, Louise Jane; Sahlstrøm, Stefan; Bengtsson, Gunnar; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth; Mackie, Alan; 2013: The impact of meal composition on the release of fatty acids from salmon during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion

Kirkhus, Bente; Lundon, Aina; Haugen, John-Erik; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; Henriksen, Britt; 2013: Effects of Environmental Factors on Edible Oil Quality of Organically Grown Camelina sativa

Aarak, Kristi Ekrann; Kirkhus, Bente; Holm, Halvor; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Jacobsen, Morten; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth; 2013: Release of EPA and DHA from salmon oil – a comparison of in vitro digestion with human and porcine gastrointestinal enzymes

Laake, Ida; Carlsen, Monica Hauger; Pedersen, Jan I; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Selmer, Randi; Kirkhus, Bente; Thune, Inger; Veierød, Marit Bragelien; 2013: Intake of trans fatty acids from partially hydrogenated vegetable and fish oil and ruminant fat in relation to cancer risk

Ottestad, Inger; Ose, Leiv; Wennersberg, Marianne Hauge; Granlund, Linda; Kirkhus, Bente; Retterstøl, Kjetil; 2013: Phytosterol capsules and serum cholesterol in hypercholesterolemia: a randomized controlled trial

Saga, Linda; Kristinova, Vera; Kirkhus, Bente; Jacobsen, Charlotte; Skaret, Josefine; Liland, Kristian Hovde; Rukke, Elling-Olav; 2013: Characterization of Oxidative Stability of Fish Oil- and Plant Oil-Enriched Skimmed Milk

Kirkhus, Bente; Lamglait, Amandine; Eilertsen, Karl-Erik; Falch, Eva; Haider, Trond; Vik, Hogne; Hoem, Nils; Hagve, Tor-Arne; Basu, Samar; Olsen, Elisabeth; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg; Nyberg, Lena; Elind, Elisabeth; Ulven, Stine Marie; 2012: Effects of similar intakes of marine n-3 fatty acids from enriched food products and fish oil on cardiovascular risk markers in healthy human subjects

Laake, Ida; Pedersen, Jan I; Selmer, Randi; Kirkhus, Bente; Lindman, Anja Schou; Tverdal, Aage; Veierød, Marit Bragelien; 2012: A prospective study of intake of trans-fatty acids from ruminant fat, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and marine oils and mortality from CVD

Myhrstad, Mari C.W.; Narverud, Ingunn; Telle, Vibeke Helen; Karhu, Toni; Bødtker-Lund, Daniel; Herzig, Karl-Heinz; Makinen, Markus; Halvorsen, Bente; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Kirkhus, Bente; Granlund, Linda; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie; 2011: Effect of the fat composition of a single high-fat meal on inflammatory markers in healthy young women

Myhrstad, Mari C.W.; Narverud, Ingunn; Telle, Vibeke Helen; Karhu, Toni; Bødtker-Lund, Daniel; Herzig, Karl-Heinz; Makinen, Markus; Halvorsen, Bente; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Kirkhus, Bente; Granlund, Linda; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie; 2011: Effect of the fat composition of a single high-fat meal on inflammatory markers in healthy young women

Pedersen, Jan I; Kirkhus, Bente; 2011: Chapter 4: Health aspects of saturated fatty acids

Saga, Linda; Rukke, Elling-Olav; Liland, Kristian Hovde; Kirkhus, Bente; Egelandsdal, Bjørg; Karlsen, Jan; Volden, Jon; 2011: Oxidative Stability of Polyunsaturated Edible Oils Mixed With Microcrystalline Cellulose

Ulven, Stine Marie; Kirkhus, Bente; Lamglait, Amandine; Basu, Samar; Elind, Elisabeth; Haider, Trond; Berge, Kjetil; Vik, Hogne; Pedersen, Jan I; 2011: Metabolic effects of krill oil are essentially similar to those of fish oil but at lower dose of EPA and DHA, in healthy volunteers

Heggen, Eli; Granlund, L; Pedersen, Jan I; Holme, Ingar Morten K; Ceglarek, U; Thiery, J; Kirkhus, Bente; Tonstad, Serena; 2010: Plant sterols from rapeseed and tall oils: Effects on lipids, fat-soluble vitamins and plant sterol concentrations

Elisabeth, Olsen; Olsen, Elisabeth Fjærvoll; Veberg, Annette; Dahl, Annette Veberg; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Tomic, Oliver; Kirkhus, Bente; Ekeberg, Dag; Nilsson, Astrid; 2006: Analysis of early lipid oxidation in salmon patè with cod liver oil and antioxidants

Müller, Hanne; Jordal, Odd; Kierulf, Peter; Kirkhus, Bente; Pedersen, Jan I; 1998: Replacement of Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil by Palm Oil in Margarine Without Unfavourable Effects on Serum Lipoproteins

Müller, Hanne; Jordal, Odd; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg; Kierulf, Peter; Kirkhus, Bente; Ledsaak, Oddlaug; Pedersen, Jan I; 1998: Effect on plasma lipids and and lipoproteins of replacing partially hydrogenated fish oil with vegetable fat in margarine