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Biography Anette McLeod

I belong to the research area «Food safety and quality» and work as a post doc in the project «Pathogens in the food chain – persistence, elimination and risk management». At Nofima’s Pathogen pilot plant, we can study life-threatening bacteria in a realistic production environment in order to prevent serious food poisoning. We can produce, package and prepare various types of food, add bacteria, investigate how they behave, and develop methods that ensure safe food. I am involved in research on enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) in dry fermented sausages. I also work with various methods, such as UV treatment, to reduce spoilage-causing and pathogenic bacteria on different food products.
I previously took my PhD in molecular microbiology at Nofima («Lactobacillus sakei – metabolism and diversity»), and I worked as a post doc in the European project «SysMO-LAB2» which focused on comparative systems biology of different lactic acid bacterial species.I am still involved in work with the lactic acid bacterial species Lactobacillus (L.) plantarum og L. sakei. Our aim is to increase the knowledge on the primary metabolism of different food isolates. L. plantarum is found in various environments including vegetal and meat fermentations, and in the human intestinal tract, and it is associated with positive health effects (probiotic), while L. sakei is specialized to grow and survive on meat and meat products. It is often used as starter cultures for industrial production of fermented sausages and it has great potential as a biopreservative culture in meat and fish products. The omics-technologies are central in this work.