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Biography Åge Oterhals

I am employed as a senior scientist in Nofima. My main interests are within marine and industrial biotechnology, feed technology, process optimization and effect of process conditions on product quality. Present research activities include physicochemical characterization of protein ingredients related to extruded fish feed production, protein hydrolysis, process development and application of separation technology. I have a civil engineer degree (M.Sc.) in chemistry and industrial biotechnology and a PhD degree in physics and technology. Former research activities include industry and process related projects within raw material quality, separation and dewatering technology, feed technology, fermentation technology, fish oil refining and food applications, and removal of persistent organic pollutants in fishmeal and fish oil. I have former industrial experience in development and formulation of specialty diets, food supplements, functional foods, feed ingredients and feeds.

Åge has 26 scientific publications in Cristin:

Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; Oterhals, Åge; Kousoulaki, Katerina; 2018: High lipid microalgae (Schizochytrium sp.) inclusion as a sustainable source of n-3 long-chain PUFA in fish feed — Effects on the extrusion process and physical pellet quality

Ahmad, Rafiq; Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; Garvik, Anne B.; Oterhals, Åge; 2018: Effect of amino acid, pH and mineral salts on glass transition and flow behaviour of soy protein concentrate

Drotningsvik, Aslaug; Vikøren, Linn Anja Slåke; Mjøs, Svein Are; Oterhals, Åge; Pampanin, Daniela M.; Flesland, Ola; Gudbrandsen, Oddrun Anita; 2018: Water-soluble fish protein intake led to lower serum and liver cholesterol concentrations in obese zucker fa/fa rats

Vildmyren, Iselin Thowsen; Cao, Huy John Vu; Haug, Lina Bowitz; Valand, Ida Ulrikke; Eng, Øyvin Andre Solberg; Oterhals, Åge; Austgulen, Maren Hoff; Halstensen, Alfred; Mellgren, Gunnar; Gudbrandsen, Oddrun Anita; 2018: Daily intake of protein from cod residual material lowers serum concentrations of nonesterified fatty acids in overweight healthy adults: A randomized double-blind pilot study

Vildmyren, Iselin Thowsen; Drotningsvik, Aslaug; Oterhals, Åge; Ween, Ola; Halstensen, Alfred; Gudbrandsen, Oddrun Anita; 2018: Cod Residual Protein Prevented Blood Pressure Increase in Zucker fa/fa Rats, Possibly by Inhibiting Activities of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme and Renin

Aspevik, Tone; Oterhals, Åge; Rønning, Sissel Beate; Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachhew; Gildberg, Asbjørn; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Whitaker, Ragnhild D.; Lindberg, Diana; 2017: Valorization of Proteins from Co- and By-Products from the Fish and Meat Industry

Jacobsen, Hans Jakup; Kousoulaki, Katerina; Sandberg, Ann-Sofie; Carlsson, Nils- Gunnar; Ahlstrøm, Øystein; Oterhals, Åge; 2017: Enzyme pre-treatment of soybean meal: Effects on non-starch carbohydrates, protein, phytic acid, and saponin biotransformation and digestibility in mink (Neovison vison)

Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; Oterhals, Åge; 2016: Water-soluble protein level in fishmeal affects extrusion behavior, phase transitions and physical quality of feed

Aspevik, Tone; Totland, Christian; Lea, Per; Oterhals, Åge; 2016: Sensory and surface-active properties of protein hydrolysates based on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) by-products

Aspevik, Tone; Egede-Nissen, Henning; Oterhals, Åge; 2016: A systematic approach to the comparison of cost efficiency of endopeptidases for the hydrolysis of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) by-products

Oterhals, Åge; Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; 2015: Plasticization effect of solubles in fishmeal

Friesen, Erin N.; Skura, Brent J; Ikonomou, Michael G; Oterhals, Åge; Higgs, Dave A.; 2015: Influence of terrestrial lipid and protein sources and activated carbon-treated fish oil on levels of persistent organic pollutants and fatty acids in the flesh of Atlantic salmon

Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; Mjøs, Svein Are; Oterhals, Åge; 2014: Influence of type of raw material on fishmeal physicochemical properties, the extrusion process, starch gelatinization and physical quality of fish feed

Thomsen, Birgitte Raagaard; Haugsgjerd, Bjørn Ole; Griinari, Mikko; Lu, Henna Fu Sieng; Bruheim, Inge; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Oterhals, Åge; Jacobsen, Charlotte; 2013: Investigation of oxidative degradation and non‐enzymatic browning reactions in krill and fish oils

Samuelsen, Tor Andreas; Mjøs, Svein Are; Oterhals, Åge; 2013: Impact of variability in fishmeal physicochemical properties on the extrusion process, starch gelatinization and pellet durability and hardness

Oterhals, Åge; Kvamme, Bjørn; 2013: Optimization of an oil leaching process to reduce the level of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs in fishmeal

Oterhals, Åge; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; 2013: Impact of extraction, refining and concentration stages on the stability of fish oil

Jensen, Bjørnar; Kvamme, Bjørn; Kuznetsova, Tatiana; Oterhals, Åge; 2012: Modeling trapping mechanism for PCB adsorption on activated carbon

Jensen, Bjørnar; Kuznetsova, Tatiana; Kvamme, Bjørn; Oterhals, Åge; 2011: Molecular dynamics study of selective adsorption of PCB on activated carbon

Oterhals, Åge; 2011: Decontamination of persistent organic pollutants in fishmeal and fish oil. Process optimization and modeling

Oterhals, Åge; 2011: Decontamination of persistent organic pollutants in fishmeal and fish oil – Process optimization and modeling

Oterhals, Åge; Berntssen, Marc; 2010: Effects of Refining and Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants by Short-Path Distillation on Nutritional Quality and Oxidative Stability of Fish Oil

Oterhals, Åge; Kvamme, Bjørn; Berntssen, Marc; 2010: Modeling of a short-path distillation process to remove persistent organic pollutants in fish oil based on process parameters and quantitative structure properties relationships

Oterhals, Åge; Nygård, Einar; 2008: Reduction of persistent organic pollutants in fishmeal: A feasibility study

Oterhals, Åge; Solvang, Marianne; Nortvedt, Ragnar; Berntssen, Marc; 2007: Optimization of activated carbon-based decontamination of fish oil by response surface methodology

Berntssen, Marc; Oterhals, Åge; Lie, Øyvind; Lundebye, Anne-Katrine; 2006: Tailoring farmed Atlantic salmon with lower levels of persistent organic pollutants