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SUREAQUA Nordic Centre of Excellence

The Nordic Centre of Excellence for sustainable and resilient aquatic production (SUREAQUA) was established in 2017 to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the Nordic bioeconomy community.

Annual report: Innovative year for CtrlAQUA

In its second year, scientists, farmers and technology suppliers at the CtrlAQUA Centre have researched and acquired new knowledge about farming in closed-containment aquaculture systems. Such knowledge will contribute to the Centre’s ambition to make closed systems off-the-shelf products. CtrlAQUA stands for the Centre for Research-Based Innovation in Closed-Containment Aquaculture.

Seminar at Aqua Nor: Closed-containment aquaculture

Nofima cordially invites aquaculture industry to six short and newsworthy presentations. Scientists will present new research findings about the growth and health of salmon and associated challenges of closed systems. You will get an expert opinion on the potential of this new production form from the knowledge hub of CtrlAQUA.


The overall aim with AQUAEXCEL2020 is to integrate the most successful research facilities within aquaculture in Europe. The project shall provide access to easily accessible high quality infrastructures, resources and services, based on aquaculture needs, and by such stimulate to excellent research and sustainable innovations to both private and public sector.

Swimming for dear life!

Mortality after transfer to the sea can be prevented at the pre-stocking stage, if fish farmers make a few simple changes.

Showing 41–50 of 92