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No more dry cod

In his doctoral dissertation, researcher Dagbjørn Skipnes at Nofima studied how to give cod the optimal water-binding and texture. The solution proved to be far more complex than what was previously believed.

Healthier food with umami

Soya sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, Parma ham, and shiitake mushrooms are some of the ingredients that are rich in the basic taste umami. Nofima researchers are currently aiming to identify the umami taste at the molecular level and develop healthy products based on natural ingredients.

Steam against Listeria

Listeria often contaminates the surface of fish products through contact with the production environment. This can lead to a health risk, especially for ready-to-eat products.

Shaken, not stirred

“Shake it,” say researchers at Nofima, who are discovering the untold benefits of shaking in sterilisation and pasteurisation. Heat treatment using horizontal agitation, so-called shaka technology, produces more rapid heat penetration and improved sensory qualities.

Joy in the House of Meals

Fifteen years ago, the idea of a House of Meals (Måltidets Hus) was first introduced. The house has now opened, staffed with creative and knowledgeable persons within the various sections of the food world.

Riding the microwave

Research into microwave technology is providing the food industry with new knowledge. New knowledge about the distribution of heat and new packaging solutions are making it possible to offer quality products for reheating in the microwave.

Showing 61–67 of 67