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In this project, the researchers will document how various process technologies kills pathogenic spores, and develop new safe food products with long shelf life.

A future for shaken food?

Despite excellent test results, the food industry has yet to employ the shaking method that gives food better quality and time savings in production.

Ready for Virgin Herring

The North Sea herring reinvented. In close cooperation with the herring industry, Nofima has developed new, exciting products from the traditional fish.

Eliminating Listeria with steam

In his recently completed PhD project, Torstein Skåra from Nofima has demonstrated that rapid heating of the surface with steam at 100 °C may be a future method for preventing unwanted bacteria on the surface of fish products.

From skin lotion to environmental packaging

Scientists at Nofima are participating in a major EU-financed project in which “active” packaging based on raw materials from shrimp shell improves and conserves food products – and after use the packaging biodegrades. Environmentally stubborn plastic is getting competition from biodegradable packaging made of chitin and chitosan from shrimp shell.

Listeria control in seafood

A food producer must be able to guarantee that the food sold in stores is safe to eat. But the strict requirements concerning documentation are often difficult to satisfy for the manufacturer. Nofima is examining a number of seafood products to see if the safety criteria are achieved.

Eradicating the spores

Spore-forming bacteria are one of the greatest microbial challenges to food safety in ready meals, and a single heat treatment at 70–80° C can in fact stimulate the growth of certain bacteria. But could a double heat treatment of ready meals increase the safety?

Showing 51–60 of 67