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Salmon blood can help fight anaemia

A unique iron powder from salmon blood is more easily absorbed by the human body than iron salts. This may turn out to be a better option for patients with anaemia.

Sustainable afteruse of lumpfish

The main objective with the project is to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable exploitation of farmed lumpfish.

World-leading crab research

Nofima is the world-leading interdisciplinary research group for red king crab and snow crab.


With the use of modern, research-based process technology and expertise, unused or under utilized biomass of marine or terrestrial origin can be used for new, marketable products. We coordinate, develop and increase Nofima’s total expertise related to the future of sustainable protein production. Peptek is a strategic research initiative focused on sustainability, total utilization, food safety and future food security.

Cool collagen research

Supplements containing collagen are in great demand. The fishing and food manufacturing industries can now also profit from this protein.

Focus on fish powder

Nofima and Myre Havbruk AS are working on a product that could enable protein powder from fish to achieve much higher prices.


Macro algae is one of the world’s largest renewable biomasses. It’s potential for creating values is underutilized in the Nordic countries. Sustainability is a key concept for Nofima and therefore macro algae is one of the strategic focus areas. In recent years, the strategic focus has been on cultivation, processing and extraction, especially from sugar […]

Showing 1–10 of 33