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The main objective of this work package is to estimate and quantify how climate changes impact Arctic fisheries and aquaculture, and the livelihood of communities and economic actors depending of these industries.

Norwegian sustainability certification – a possibility?

An increased focus on sustainable seafood has created a market for third-party sustainability certification. However, many people believe that it would be better if Norway took care of this itself. Scientists have evaluated in a new project the possibility of establishing Norwegian sustainability certification.

Tourists reporting fish catches

A web-based reporting system can give more reliable statistics for tourist catches and contribute to a knowledge-based and sustainable management of Norwegian fishing tourism.

More dried and salted fish to Angola?

In 2013, Norwegian companies exported 6,139 tonnes of dried and salted fish to Angola, with a value of NOK 163 million.
Angola is the largest market for Norwegian dried and salted fish in Africa. The market could expand if Norwegian companies can compete with Portuguese companies and their export of dried and salted cod.

Making Norway more capable of receiving tourists

Many tourists visit Norway to participate in activities in nature such as a Northern Lights safari or fishing. But all tourists are not satisfied. A new certification system for nature-based tourism will work to ensure better quality and safer experiences.

Purse seine fleet can increase earning

A general quality improvement leading to a 10 percent price increase would have increased the catch value of mackerel and Norwegian spring-spawning herring by approx. NOK 380 million in 2011. This is the conclusion of a new report by Nofima scientists who have analysed the Norwegian purse seine fleet.

Better quality can increase incomes

Cod trawlers can increase the catch value by more than NOK 200 million per year if the price difference between autoline and trawled fish frozen at sea fish is halved. New technology on board the trawlers can contribute to achieving this.

Fish get whiter fillet

By using the experimental swim tunnel at the Tromsø Aquaculture Research Station, scientists hope to find out when trawl captured cod should be slaughtered in order to obtain the whitest fillet and best texture.

Showing 81–90 of 137