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Creating value of NOK 1.1 million per fisherman

The catch-based fishing industry is a source of significant value creation in the county of Troms in northern Norway. The industry employs almost 2,000 people in Troms and generated tax revenues of NOK 346 million in 2015.

SUREAQUA Nordic Centre of Excellence

The Nordic Centre of Excellence for sustainable and resilient aquatic production (SUREAQUA) was established in 2017 to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the Nordic bioeconomy community.


FarFish will address this shortcoming by providing knowledge, tools and methods to support responsible, sustainable and profitable EU fisheries outside European waters, compatible with Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY). FarFish will develop practical, achievable and cost-effective fisheries management tools and advice which can be applied immediately. The work will be done in collaboration of scientists, policy […]


The goal is to facilitate sustainable cooperation between national and international research funding bodies in the area of food authenticity, to improve the competitiveness of the food supply chain and the consumer confidence in it, by means of better‐coordinated, cost‐effective R&D.

Showing 41–50 of 137