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Setting new international goals

Nofima is aiming to expand its international collaboration. This will also benefit Norwegian trade and industry.


ECCO aims to explore the potential and implications of integrating the concept of ecosystem services in impact assessment methodology. The project focuses on knowledge production in impact assessments for new industrial activities in the coastal zone, as well as the potential for and implications of applying cultural ecosystem services as a conceptual tool.


The coast is prized as a playground in which leisure as well as business activities can be enjoyed. During the Coreplan project we have examined how the authorities can manage our coastal zone while taking into account the value provided by our natural environment and safeguarding the various interests concerned.

Creating value of NOK 1.1 million per fisherman

The catch-based fishing industry is a source of significant value creation in the county of Troms in northern Norway. The industry employs almost 2,000 people in Troms and generated tax revenues of NOK 346 million in 2015.

Showing 31–40 of 136