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Research project on legitimacy of the aquaculture industry

The Research Council of Norway’s programme for aquaculture has allocated NOK 4.2 million for a three-year project about the legitimacy of the aquaculture industry at local level and conditions that influence access to area in the coastal zone.

Profitability in little utilized resourses?

Norwegian fishermen do not want to fish or produce untraditional marine species despite the fact that an overwhelming number of reports indicate that the species have great potential.

Ecolabels have no affect on fishermen

There are many different ecolabels for wild-caught and farmed fish. However, the requirements for using eco-labels on seafood have little impact on Norwegian fishermen.

Electronic information system for shrimps

Sections of the shrimp industry have developed an electronic information system that can provide customers and consumers more information about shrimps. This has been done in collaboration with development partner Nord-Norsk Teknologi and Nofima.

Shrimp fishery gains MSC certification

This certification can gain Norwegian shrimps entry into several important markets.
The Norwegian shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea is now MSC certified as sustainable. This certification can gain Norwegian shrimps entry into several important markets.

Can the herring dance samba in Brazil?

The consumption of seafood in Brazil is increasing. If Norwegian herring is going to take part in this growth, one must adapt to the market, primarily because no value adding industry to further process and adapt the herring prior to consumption has been developed, as is the case in other large pelagic markets.

Quality becoming worse

Nofima has taken a closer look at the correlation between the choice of gear, vessel size, catch size and the quality of raw materials from the coastal fleet and has made findings that indicate the quality is deteriorating.

Showing 101–110 of 137