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How do lactic acid bacteria function?

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are a natural part of our intestinal flora, and have received a great deal of attention in recent decades due to the possibility that they have beneficial effects on our health.

The same calorie content, but different weight gain?

Can meals based on Norwegian raw materials prevent overweight? This was the question Norwegian researchers asked themselves, and they decided to use a meal consisting of salmon, barley and broccoli to answer it. They subsequently compared this salmon-based meal with two others: a hamburger meal and a beef meal.

Keeping a lid on sausage

Nofima joined the team when Grilstad developed new packaging for its popular cured sausages.

Cook your hamburger properly!

To be safe to eat, products made from ground beef must be cooked until they are at least 71⁰C in the centre. Beef that has been in contact with oxygen before cooking becomes brown at a lower temperature. This is risky from the food safety point of view.

A whole-grain diet makes for healthier chickens

If you are like most people, you think about salmonella when you hear about pathogenic bacteria from chicken. Infection from Campylobacter jejuni bacteria is far more common, however, and is the commonest cause of bacterial diarrhoea in western countries.

From skin lotion to environmental packaging

Scientists at Nofima are participating in a major EU-financed project in which “active” packaging based on raw materials from shrimp shell improves and conserves food products – and after use the packaging biodegrades. Environmentally stubborn plastic is getting competition from biodegradable packaging made of chitin and chitosan from shrimp shell.

Keeps salmon fresh for 20 days

After several years of research, Nofima has arrived at a packaging method that enables salmon to stay fresh for up to 20 days. Superfresh is the name of the packaging that Vartdal Plastindustrier is launching at the seafood fair in Brussels this week.

Showing 51–60 of 107