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Improving Europeans’ kitchen hygiene

Have you ever thought about the health risk of leaving your cold cuts out in a warm room during your Christmas buffet? It is not actually that big, but statistically 60,000 Europeans will get sick on Christmas Eve due to poor kitchen hygiene. Nofima scientists are now heading work in a new EU research project to reduce this number.

Award to environmentally-oriented packaging

With Vartdal Plast as client, Nofima has developed a new type of packaging called SuperFresh. With a smaller footprint and a longer shelf life for food, the packaging is good news for the environment. On Thursday evening Vartdal Plast was awarded the 2016 Optimization Award for the product.

Packaging Saves Food Research Group – new international collaborations

In April it all happened in Karlstad, Sweden! Researchers from around the globe met and formed a group whose common interest lays in the role of packaging for saving food from being wasted. Thanks to our sponsors; BillerudKorsnäs, Paper Province and the Swedish Funding agency Formas this group could be formed to meet future challenges in the role of packaging for sustainable development.

Better salmon fillet with carbon dioxide (CO2)

We are eating more and more fish. And fresh fish and fillet products account for the biggest increase in consumption. This presents both challenges and opportunities when it comes to shelf life and the packaging of fresh fish. Today, the use of the bacteria-inhibiting gas carbon dioxide (CO2) seem to be the best solution for the freshness, smell and taste of salmon fillets.

Showing 31–40 of 107