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Know your bacteria

The latest innovation in DNA analysis makes it easier to identify bacteria, allowing better control over product quality.

Reduced Plastic in the Seafood Industry

Norway exports salmon fillets in large quantities, the quality of which must be preserved during transportation. Nofima researchers are investigating the possibility of preserving quality and food safety and focusing on reducing the use of plastics.

Dedicated website against food crime

Would you like a better overview of food crime? In the context of an EU project, Nofima has been involved in developing a website that collects research results and news about food faking from all over the world.

How food bacteria survive

Bacteria work together to form highly resistant biofilms, which cause problems in food production. Scientists from Nofima have been looking at what can be done.

Packaging of dry cured sausages – how to maintain colour and taste?

Discoloration Dry cured sausages contain the muscle pigment myoglobin, which combined with nitrite and lowering of the pH makes a red/pink colour of the final products. Most of Norwegian dry cured sausages are sliced and packaged in modified atmospheres. The gas is usually either all nitrogen or a blend of nitrogen and some carbon dioxide. […]

Extruded grains and intestinal flora

Nofima scientists have investigated how intestinal flora – microbiota – are affected by unprosessed or extruded whole grains.

Showing 31–40 of 119