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The E. coli outbreak: The source of infection may be food

So far, a source of the E. coli O157 bacteria which has caused a recent national disease outbreak has not been found. Investigation into the outbreak is led by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Experience has shown that food is an important source for this type of infection. Nofima Mat is assisting the food industry with our know-how in order to ensure safe food production and safe food for consumers.

Stressing bacteria for safer food

By subjecting pathogenic bacteria to massive stress, Tone Mari Rode has gained new knowledge that may make it more difficult for bacteria to survive in food in the future.

Are we careless in the kitchen?

Are you careful about avoiding food poisoning? Do you keep separate chopping boards for salad and meat, and how do you really use the washing up cloth? Over the next few years researchers will be revealing Norwegians’ kitchen habits. The aim is to reduce food contamination.

Doctorate in new packaging method

That little nappy thing you often find in the bottom of packs of meat or fish could soon be replaced by a so-called CO2 emitter. Anlaug Ådland Hansen’s doctorate shows that new packs with emitters will be the packaging solution of tomorrow.

Better marinated products

The most recent research results into marination show that it is the acids that increase the meat’s shelf life – and with the barbecue season well underway that is a very interesting piece of information.

New research changes views on food safety

A completely new analysis method has provided answers to why it is that Campylobacter bacteria are able to establish colonies in the intestines of chickens. It turns out that the growth of the bacteria is governed by conditions completely different from what the researchers themselves had believed to be the case.

Showing 101–107 of 107