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In BALANCE we will increase the basic understanding of how nutrients in the feed, in combination with genetic background, affect the occurrence of metabolically induced health and quality problems in Atlantic salmon.


PROGRESS is a strategic internal project of the institute that aims to investigate the epigenetic programming resulting from low oxygen stress during early development and how this influences the robustness of salmon.


The health and welfare of farmed and captured aquatic animals is becoming increasingly important for current and future aquaculture systems. We need to improve our understanding of their health and welfare status to strengthen the resilience and robustness of both the animals and the industry.


The primary objective of FutureFish is to improve the robustness of salmon and lumpfish under a changing climate scenario through investigating the genetics of robustness in salmon to thermal stress and sea-lice and improving the sea-lice eating ability of lumpfish.

Researchers develop new treatment for AGD

In recent years, amoebic gill disease (AGD) has become a serious disease among sea-farmed salmon. Researchers are now developing a new method of treatment that will be milder on both fish and the environment compared to existing methods.

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