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Quality food time in quarantine

Staying at home for an extended period of time can be difficult, and healthy eating can be extra challenging due to the more relaxed “weekend atmosphere”. But worry not, because the Edulia team are here to share TIPS on how to make quality food time whilst in quarantine.

Texture to prevent overeating

Changing the texture of well-liked food can make people eat less. Food manufacturers can use this knowledge to prevent overeating.

Appetite entrepreneurs

Innovation students develop concepts that can help solve the challenges linked to dietary needs and loss of appetite among the elderly.

Advancements in food research

Nofima aims to bring Norwegian food production a great step forward in terms of health, taste, sustaina-bility, safety and quality.

From 3 to 33 varieties of tomato

Most tomatoes in the mid 1990s were quite pale, with a green/tart flavour. The large variation made it impossible to know what you came home with, so the only competitive factor was price. The Norwegians ate very few tomatoes “A project in cooperation with BAMA and Gartnerhallen started the development we have seen in tomato […]

Showing 1–10 of 102