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From 3 to 33 varieties of tomato

Most tomatoes in the mid 1990s were quite pale, with a green/tart flavour. The large variation made it impossible to know what you came home with, so the only competitive factor was price. The Norwegians ate very few tomatoes “A project in cooperation with BAMA and Gartnerhallen started the development we have seen in tomato […]

Driver behind local food

Bakken Øvre farm in Løten is home to the Kildahl family. Both farm and family have been a hub for developing local food in Norway.

Healthier bread with less salt

Salt reduction is important for public health, especially in everyday foods. Nofima scientists are working to find ways to reduce the salt content of bread.

Shifting to plant-based

What do Norwegian consumers think about vegetarian food? Nofima researchers are going to find out in a rather creative way.

Keep up with vegetarian trends!

Over the last couple of years, the sale of plant protein products has increased rapidly. Several brand-new types of food have appeared, but a recent analysis shows that Norway still has untapped potential when it comes to developing its own products with Norwegian ingredients.

Showing 1–10 of 96