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Tuna Fish at Rolls-Royce Prices

The world’s largest tuna fish – the Atlantic bluefin tuna – is the Rolls-Royce of the sea, but has the seafaring nation of Norway realised this? We catch 40 tonnes of this tuna fish and supply it in bulk at practically tinned prices. Had we instead carefully slaughtered them one by one, we would have been able to supply them at Rolls-Royce prices instead of the price of scrap metal.

Better quality can increase incomes

Cod trawlers can increase the catch value by more than NOK 200 million per year if the price difference between autoline and trawled fish frozen at sea fish is halved. New technology on board the trawlers can contribute to achieving this.

Fish get whiter fillet

By using the experimental swim tunnel at the Tromsø Aquaculture Research Station, scientists hope to find out when trawl captured cod should be slaughtered in order to obtain the whitest fillet and best texture.

Showing 1–10 of 36