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The Research Plaza mini-seminars are a part of the main programme of Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital. Stream the event live for free.

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Nofima presentations

Tuesday 18 August

  • Experiences with live storage of whitefish, Sjurdur Joensen, Nofima

Wednesday 19 August

  • Co-existence – Common use of sea area, Roy Robertsen, Nofima
  • How is the Norwegian fisheries industry? Thomas Nyrud, Nofima
  • Should fishermen get the same price for cod – regardless of quality? Geir Sogn-Grundvåg, Nofima

Thursday 20 August

  • How frozen fish can get even better, Svein Kristian Stormo, Nofima

Eight research and innovation institutions take part in Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital, which, from 18-20 August, will be livestreamed from Trondheim.

The Forskningstorget (Research Plaza) mini-seminars are a part of the main programme of the digital exhibition, meaning you can get the latest news from research and innovation in fisheries and seafood straight to your browser – for free.

Register here, and Nor-Fishing will send you login info as soon as the exhibition opens.


The mini-seminars will shed light on current topics with a research-based approach. Each seminar lasts about 45 minutes and contains nine short presentations from different research organisations and business.

ACTION: Geir Sogn-Grundvåg recorded his presentation in Tromsø this week.

The presentations have been recorded in advance, but the relevant researchers are available for direct inquiries. All our presentations are either in English or with subtitles.

This year’s Research Plaza is a collaboration between Nofima, SINTEF Ocean, NORCE, NTNU, UiT Norway’s Arctic University, FHF, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

Find the complete exhibition programme here.

 Capture-based aquaculture    Industrial economics    Marketing research    Seafood industry  

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