Laksesmolt i akvarium på Sunndalsøra. Ca 60 gram, nylig satt i sjøvann.

Where salmon biology meets new techonology

Seminar on Aqua Nor

Advanced technology is helping the aquaculture industry to take a step towards the future. But what about biology?

The Aqua Nor Research Plaza

Mini seminar at the Research Plaza at Aqua Nor in Trondheim (20th to 23rd August 2019).

The Research Plaza is a collaboration between the Institute of Marine Research, Nofima, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Akvaplan-niva, NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research), NORCE, SINTEF Ocean/NTNU, UiT – Norway’s Arctic University, Nord University, NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), FHF (Norwegian Seafood Research Fund), Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway.

Visit us at Stand No. A 125-138 Aqua Nor 2019!

During the large aquaculture fair Aqua Nor in Trondheim, Nofima’s scientists will present new discoveries in the meeting between biology and technology.
On the opening day of the fair (Tuesday 20th of August 2019 at 13:00), Nofima invites visitors to a free seminar in the conference tent situated at the main entrance of the fair.

The seminar will be in English

 Major changes

– The salmon production industry is currently undergoing major changes. New technologies are introduced rapidly in salmon farming, such as new production systems for off-shore and on-shore farming. Nofimas objective with this seminar is to put focus on the broader aspects of interaction between technology and biology for better production and fish-welfare and new promising technologies, says CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen in Nofima.

He hopes that one hour including six interesting short presentations will attract a full house to the conference tent.

How we utilise technology in research and aquaculture

Nofima scientists’ presentations will illustrate how we utilise technology in research and aquaculture. How technologies of the future can improve our understanding of fish biology and how the biology of fish can shape technological developments. Key words are biotechnology, digitalisation and aquaculture technology.

The titles of the presentations are:

• Existing and emerging tools for monitoring fish welfare in aquaculture systems – Chris Noble
• The oils of the millennium feed meet the salmon’s need – Bente Ruyter
• Fish mucosal barriers – living sensors to a changing environment – Carlo Lazado
• Salmon production in Norway under climate change – Elisabeth Ytteborg
• Could gene editing transform future salmon aquaculture? – Nick Robinson
• Closed containment aquaculture – full throttle with brake on – Åsa Espmark
After the seminar, those who wish for more information can meet the scientists on stand A-129, situated at the Research Plaza, on Tuesday between 14:00 and 15:00.

Mini seminar at the Research Plaza

Nofima and 13 other institutions make up the Research Plaza at this year’s Aqua Nor. Seven mini seminars will take place during the week of the fair, where scientists and companies will highlight topical themes with new research-based knowledge from various environments and perspectives.

The program is in Norwegian.

Program Forskningstorget Aqua Nor 2019


Visit us at stand A-129 at AquaNor 2019, Trondheim Spektrum, Klostergata 90, 7030 Trondheim

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