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Call for industry partners: Consumers as Innovators for sustainable Food

Are you a food producer, and want to get involved in a research project with the purpose of developing successful sustainable food products and methods for consumer involvement and co-creation.? Give us a call!

Developing successful food products requires understanding what consumers want and need. Classical product development involves consumers in surveys and product testing with the aim to test and confirm a company’s product ideas or concepts. By involving consumers in a more collaborative form of new product innovation, focusing on their needs and using their knowledge and creativity, a competitive advantage and more successful products can be developed. Such approaches are however not available or under-utilized in the food industry today.

Sustainability and health become increasingly important for consumer’s food choice and consumers want to know where their food is coming from, how it is produced and that it is good for themselves and the planet. The offerings and demand for plant based healthy food is increasing. At the same time there are large parts of the population who do not perceive a need for changing diets or who experience barriers to change.

What is your company’s specific challenge that we should work on together in this project?

Project Type and Contribution

The project is «Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet» (IPN) and industry partners will shape the project scope base don their needs. Research Council (NFR) provides 50% funding which aims to contribute to innovation and value creation for the participating companies by enabling research activities.

Industrial partners will be asked for contributions both in cash and in kind (i.e. ingredients, internal support, development, equipment and/or hours). The  Application deadline at NFR 25.09.2019. Link to NFR IPN Funding Call 2019

Project aim

The overall aim of the project is to accelerate the shift to a healthier and more sustainable diet in Norway by better understanding and involving the consumers. In the project we will:

  • Identify major barriers preventing consumers from shifting to healthier and more sustainable dietary choices and drivers to accelerate
  • Involve consumers in creating ideas and solutions for the shift to a healthier and more sustainable diet
  • Develop intervention solutions through industrial case studies that can be tested and implemented by the project partners

 Project output

  • New product/service innovations that support both health, sustainability, and value creation goals
  • Co-creative and collaborative methods for consumer involvement in food innovation
  • New research-based consumer insights for future food innovations


Are you interested in participaing, get in touch by July 15th.

 Innovation, consumer and sensory sciences  

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