RAS facility of CtrlAQUA partner Marine Harvest at Steinsvik. Photo: Jelena Kolarevic © Nofima.

Annual report about closed-containment aquaculture

In its third year, scientists, farmers and technology suppliers at the CtrlAQUA Centre have researched and acquired new knowledge about farming in closed-containment aquaculture systems. Such knowledge will contribute to the Centre’s ambition to make closed systems off-the-shelf products.

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About CtrlAQUA

CtrlAQUA is a centre for research-driven innovation (SFI), which shall develop technological and biological innovations that will make closed-containment aquaculture systems a reliable and economically viable technology in aquaculture. The Norwegian institute Nofima is the host institution, and there are six research partners from Norway, Sweden and the United States, as well as 14 industry partners. CtrlAQUA is co-financed by the Research Council of Norway and its partners, and shall operate from 2015 to 2023.

Website: ctrlaqua.no

Open reader friendly version of the annual report, or download printable version.

In this annual report you can also read interviews with two industry actors at the centre as well as three students, and hear their experiences and opinions about closed-containment aquaculture in the future.

In 2017, we have worked towards five major innovations:

  • Continuous development and testing of semi closed-containment aquaculture systems.
  • Development of sensors and sensor treatment for reliable and stable measuring of water quality.
  • Prediction models for optimal smolt transfer to closed-containment aquaculture and post-smolt out.
  • Defining environmental requirements for Atlantic salmon in closed-containment aquaculture systems, as these may differ from what we know from flow through systems.
  • Development of diagnostic pathogen sensors for detecting pathogens in closed-containment aquaculture systems.


If you’d like a professionally printed version of the annual report to be sent to you, please email ctrlaqua@nofima.no.

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