Photo: Synnøve Helland/Nofima
Major renovations were also implemented at the station in 2010, when Nofima opened its Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture. (NCRA) This hall (at the rear of the image) features state-of-the-art recirculation technology and hosts a large proportion of the research undertaken by CtrlAQUA SFI – Centre of Research-based Innovation in Closed-Containment Aquaculture. Photo: Synnøve Helland © Nofima.

Sunndalsøra set for research boost after go-ahead given to significant investment

Nofima's Board of Directors has given the green light to the renovation of Nofima's research station at Sunndalsøra in Norway, for approximately EUR 2.4 million. This will result in increased capacity, quality and research opportunities.

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Following the upgrade, the station will better be able to meet research requirements associated with closed-containment facilities, the smolt’s transition to seawater and research on post-smolt right up to slaughter size. Station Manager Synnøve Helland believes that the upgrade will be a boon to both flexibility and quality:

“‘This will allow us a greater degree of flexibility in the way we design our experiments, in that separate recirculating facilities (RAS) are to be put into use in more tank systems, and we are installing larger tanks to enable us to keep fish until they reach slaughter size. At the same time, the upgrade will entail an increase in quality, as the conditions for experiments in closed-containment facilities, all the way up to slaughter size, can be controlled much more easily than for experiments in cages.”

Station Manager Synnøve Helland sees a high demand for research in closed-containment facilities up to slaughter size. With the planned upgrade to the research facilities, the premises for meeting this demand will be in place in two years. Photo: Nofima.

Nofima is also well on the way to implementing Lean management at the station. Lean is a management philosophy which, in this case, will improve the quality assurance of the research work.

Five-year plan

Nofima’s Board of Directors gave their approval to the renovation on 6 January. The plan, established by local management and administration, is formulated such that the work will be executed in five phases over a period of five years. Two phases will be executed in 2017 and 2018, respectively, while investments in the subsequent three phases will be tied in to the overall development of Nofima’s finances, given that all surplus in Nofima is invested back into infrastructure and research. The total estimated expenses for the plan amount to NOK 22 million, equivalent to just over EUR 2.4 million.

The station has facilities for research on salmon, rainbow trout, cleaner fish, halibut and cod. The Sunndalsøra station is home to almost 50 Nofima researchers, technicians and laboratory staff and is located on the west coast of Norway.

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