Nofima's Sensory Lab Technician Mads Erling Pedersen interviewed by compère Linda Roalstad, known from the popular "Hele Norge baker" TV programme.

Scientist porridge – extra healthy and extra satiating

Nofima researchers work extensively with cereals – with healthy grain varieties that are well-suited to the Norwegian climate. Nofima entered the Norwegian Porridge Making Championships with our Scientist porridge, using solely raw materials that Nofima has been researching for many years, resulting in an extra healthy, satiating porridge.

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The porridge recipe was meticulously optimised. It includes the dietary fibre beta-glucan from oats, and substitutes the usual rolled oats for powdered oats. And the choice of topping was also carefully selected. Honey-marinated kale and sea buckthorn berries provide a rich supplement of vitamins and antioxidants.

Powdered oats more satiating than rolled oats

Nofimasensoriker Mads Erling Pedersen representerte Nofima i NM i Graut.

Nofima’s Sensory Lab Technician Mads Erling Pedersen represented Nofima in the Norwegian Porridge Making Championships.

Nofima’s researchers have examined precisely which components make us feel full when we eat oats, as well as components that can regulate blood sugar and reduce blood pressure. They have found that we feel more sated after eating porridge in which the fibre is made more easily available, probable because fibre increases the viscosity in the intestine.

Fibre is a key factor behind nutritionists’ advice that we should eat whole grain products. For example, it is proven that beta-glucan, a fibre found in oats and barley, has positive health effects such as lowering cholesterol. Nofima’s researchers have found that the larger the beta-glucan molecules we ingest, the greater their effect.

Kale = superfood

Kale belong to the cabbage family and has been investigated for several years in Nofima’s laboratories because of its broad spectrum and high amounts of beneficial plant compounds compared to other vegetables. Kale top the list among vegetables in vitamin C and K content, and has very high levels of antioxidants such as carotenoids and polyphenols, and the cancer protective glucosinolates.

Among Nofima researchers’ discoveries is that both fresh and heat-treated kale inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells in laboratory tests, indicating its potential benefits for good intestinal health. Other studies show that compounds in vegetables can stimulate satiety.

Sea buckthorn = superfruit

Sea buckthorn berries are extremely high in vitamin C, up to three times more than orange. But it is not just vitamin C that makes seaberries so healthy. They also have high contents of antioxidants, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and, not least, vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, which is also found in carrots and, similarly, gives the berries their orange-yellow colour.

Through the project “Innovative berry products with health profile of black elder and sea buckthorn,” Nofima has partnered with Njøs Næringsutvikling to review aspects such as processing and cultivation. A number of types of sea buckthorn are now planted in our own fields, and the potential areas of application are many.

Fierce competition

De tre dommerne, BKLFs Gunnar Bakke, Statsbudeie Bodil Nordjorde og Anne Karine Statle fra Lofoten Mat, ser frem til å smake på grøtene.

The three judges, BKLF’s Gunnar Bakke, food personality Bodil Nordjore and Anne Karine Statle from Lofoten Mat look forward to tasting the porridge.

The first ever Norwegian Porridge Making Championships took place at the Dyrskun agricultural exhibition, sponsored and arranged by Bygdekvinnelaget, Nofima and the Norwegian Milk Marketing Board.

A total of 16 participants aimed for victory in one of the three classes:
– traditional porridge with water
– traditional porridge with milk
– innovative porridge/party porridge.

Nofima’s Scientist porridge was enrolled, naturally enough, in the innovative porridge/party porridge category, and despite praise and attention from both the audience and the other participants, did not quite manage to beat all of its competitors. The judging panel, consisting of BKLF’s Gunnar Bakke, Norway’s State Milkmaid Bodil Nordjore and Anne Karine Statle from Lofoten Mat, decided that Laila Røsholt Rød from Lardal og Andebu Bygdekvinnelag was the creator of the most innovative porridge. She also took the top prize in the “traditional porridge with milk” class. Mens Bjørg Nordbø from Åmotsdal produced the best water-based porridge, and was awarded the coveted “Porridge of the Year” award.

Time for new, satiating porridge innovations

Nofima also produced a water-based porridge, with the recipe taken from the Kokebok for alle cookbook which has been distributed to schools across the country. The very same porridge is sometimes served at schools in Rissa municipality.

Både i forskningen og i NM i Graut er nøyaktighet en dyd.

Conscientiousness is a virtue in both research and the Norwegian Porridge Making Championships.

The study on the satiating characteristics of various grain blends was performed as part of the Oatmet project, financed through the Norwegian Research Funding for Agriculture and Food Industry. Researchers have used the project to discover which components make us feel sated when we eat porridge. These discoveries resulted in the recipe for the Scientist porridge, with precisely these components being used. The next stage of the process is to develop commercial products based on the findings.

The research on sea buckthorn and kale was financed by Research Funding for Agriculture and Food Industry and the Research Council of Norway.

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