The members of The Packaging Saves Food Research Group.

Packaging Saves Food Research Group – new international collaborations

In April it all happened in Karlstad, Sweden! Researchers from around the globe met and formed a group whose common interest lays in the role of packaging for saving food from being wasted. Thanks to our sponsors; BillerudKorsnäs, Paper Province and the Swedish Funding agency Formas this group could be formed to meet future challenges in the role of packaging for sustainable development.

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The Packaging Saves Food Research Group can be described as:

A dedicated and committed group of academics and scientists from around the globe, we pledge to provide our knowledge, skills and experience thus seeking to create an understanding that will allow us to build influence in the sustainable development field in relation to the role of packaging. We are committed to being a force for positive change within the society that creates new thinking and conversations about the impact of packaging on the global food supply. We will deliver knowledge, advice and solutions that can provide a significant contribution to building a sustainable globe and to feeding its population. The aim is to work and inform, science, policy makers, business and the citizen of the role and impact of packaging within sustainable development.

The Packaging Saves Food Research Group is a unique and global team of experts, hailing from the Nordic countries, the UK, the USA and Australia, and bringing together a wide range of academic disciplines, including material science, supply chain management, design, food quality, consumer psychology and environmental science. Yet we are bonded by a shared passion for packaging and a dedication to tackle food waste.

The members of the group are

      • Dr Helén Williams, Karlstad University, Sweden (Group Leader)
      • A. Prof Fredrik Wikström, Karlstad University, Sweden
      • A. Prof Karli Verghese, RMIT University, Australia
      • A. Prof Rafael Auras, Michigan State University, USA
      • Dr. Marit Kvalvåg, Nofima Institute, Norway
      • Prof Renee Wever, Linköping University, Sweden
      • Dr. Hanne Möller, Östfoldsforskning, Norway
      • Prof Annika Olsson, Lund University, Sweden
      • Prof Risto Soukka, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
      • Dr. Stephen Clune, Lancaster University, UK

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