Super salmon training starts early

Healthier, stronger, bigger: this is a goal for Norwegian farm-raised salmon - and Harald Takle is their personal trainer.

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Takle, a Senior Scientist at the food research institute Nofima, is also an avid outdoorsman, but he doesn’t jump up salmon ladders, nor does he crawl around in sea cages. He oversees the salmon training in round tanks that are small versions of those used by the aquaculture industry.

“The current in the tank forces the fish to swim upstream,” says Takle. The tanks are in the fish gym at Nofima’s research station, located in Sunndalsøra in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.

Little athletes

Takle leads the researchers who are helping the fish farming industry to grow healthier, stronger and larger salmon. Fish are like people: exercise increases their disease resistance. A healthy and strong fish is a good fish. “Training improves the texture of the fillet,” says Takle.

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