Mini choux buns taste just as good after four weeks

Storage affects both taste and other sensory properties. The panel of sensory judges at the Nofima food research institute have assessed how the appearance, taste, smell and consistency of mini choux buns change after storage periods from zero to about four weeks.

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They found that storage does not necessarily have a negative effect on the sensory properties and that those sensory properties that do change, do so in line with expectations. For example the colour intensity on the surface increases somewhat with storage, the choux buns became less succulent and more grainy and their smell diminished. They tasted slightly less of egg and a little more bitter as storage time increased, but the differences were so small that they would hardly be noticed by the normal consumer.

From fresh to four week old choux bunsThe sensory panel got through a lot of choux buns during the four weeks of the trial. The oldest buns the panel assessed were four weeks and one day old. They also tested samples that were exactly four weeks old, three weeks and a day, exactly three weeks, two weeks and a day, exactly two weeks, one week and a day, exactly one week, one day and completely fresh.

Test of 29 properties
Nofima’s panel of sensory judges assessed a total of 29 sensory properties in five different categories.

Appearance of outsideAppearance of crumbSmellTasteConsistency
Colour hueColour hueSourSourHard
Colour intensityColour intensitySweetSweetSucculent
SheenNumber of holesRaw/freshBitterCrisp
Size of holesBurntEggGlutinous

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