Checking Easter food in Brazil

Clipfish is typical Easter food in South America, and saithe is particularly popular. Brazil is the largest market, and representatives from Fiskeriforskning will now be travelling there to study what influences people's choices of clipfish.

Clipfish of saithe is inexpensive

Saithe is a less expensive alternative than other clipfish, and with the low wage levels in these countries, this fish is becoming more available to most people.

In April, Scientist Ingebrigt Bjørkevoll is travelling to Braziltogether with Sales Manager Lewi Hansen from clipfish producer Andreas Bjørge AS in Ålesund. The objective of the trip is to assess the quality of Norwegian clipfish of saithe out in the shops.

Customers and salespersons in shops will be interviewed about their opinions about the quality and user-friendliness of the clipfish.

-Here, we want answers to why the choice of clipfish is as it is, says Bjørkevoll.

The study is a part of the project "Market-based product development of clipfish". Project Manager is Scientist Jens Østli.

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