Olav Fjell new Nofima chairperson

The outgoing CEO of Hurtigruten, Olav Fjell, has been elected as the new chairperson of the Board of Directors of the food research institute Nofima.

Fjell, who holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, has previously served as CEO of Statoil, Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk and Postbanken. He also has a number of board positions in Norwegian industry.

“Nofima is a large and important institution in both a Norwegian and international context. The institute’s role as a research partner for the fishery, aquaculture and food industries is extremely important and has a large growth potential,” says Olav Fjell.

“Norway is one of the world’s leading seafood producing nations. It will be exciting to work with developing this position and also work to strengthen our domestic food industry.”

Nofima is Europe’s largest industry-oriented research institute which engages in research and development for the fishery, aquaculture and food industries. The institute has around 420 employees and has an annual turnover of about NOK 500 million.

The main office is located in Tromsø, and the research activity occurs in Averøy, Bergen, Stavanger, Sunndalsøra, Tromsø and Ås.

Other Board members

  • Eirik Selmer-Olsen, R & D Director, Tine (re-elected as Deputy Chairperson)
  • Åse Berg, Chairperson, Agricultural Food Research Foundation (new)
  • Einar Wathne, Deputy Group Managing Director, EWOS (re-elected)
  • Renate Larsen, Managing Director, Lerøy Aurora (new)
  • Janne Merete Rimstad, Sunndal Municipality (re-elected)
  • Stig Fossum, University Director, University of Nordland (re-elected)
  • Jan Egil Pedersen, Leader, Norwegian Food and Allied Workers Union (re-elected)
  • Bjørn Inge Bendiksen, Scientist, Nofima (re-elected)
  • Kristin Hollung, Scientist, Nofima (re-elected)
  • Bente Asbjørnsen, Engineer, Nofima (re-elected)

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