National facility to Nofima

The government is funding Nofima’s bioprocessing pilot plant to the tune of NOK 3.5 million, and at the same time establishes that the new plant will be a national facility for marine bioprocessing.

The national facility for marine bioprocessing will be the first of its kind in the Nordic region and, with a total area of 1000 m², will in practice be a mini factory where companies may get help to transfer good research results from the laboratories to commercial production.

“I hope that this funding that has now been granted for operational costs will enable this facility to contribute to the establishment of more companies due to research,” says the Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen.

“The marine biotechnology industry is still in its infancy, which makes such a facility an extremely important contribution in the ongoing development.”

“This is fantastic news for Nofima and not least for the business community in Norway,” says the CEO of the food research institute Nofima, Øyvind Fylling-Jensen.

“Now we are not only getting a facility which will be the leader in the Nordic region in this field, but we are also getting capital to operate it so we can run experiments for the business community without large risk for either Nofima or the companies.”

The pilot plant will be co-located with the new biotechnology facility being built in Kaldfjord near Tromsø.

“This processing plant will become biotechnology’s missing link. This facility will contribute to all the good results from the laboratories being transformed into industrial processes and creating jobs,” says Fylling-Jensen.

“The company Calanus AS is already in place as the first major user, and this company will be followed by many, many more.”

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