Sunndalsøra Research Station

- land-based station with freshwater and saltwater.

Contact person
Portrettbilde av Torbjørn Einar Åsgård
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Per S. Brunsvik
Per S. Brunsvik

Coordinator innovation
Phone: +47 415 22 948

The Sunndalsøra Research Station was built in 1971, following the consideration of 26 different locations in Norway with respect to access to sources of water and suitable sites. The station’s original name was "Research Station for Fish". The station’s opening coincided with the year in which the aquaculture industry produced its first hundred tonnes of sea-farmed salmon.

Research activities

The main research activities were breeding and feeding experiments, while a significant production of smolt and roe financed the running of the station. The production of fish and roe was gradually scaled down. Today, the main activity at the station is research focusing on the following areas:

  • Nutrition, feed and feeding
  • Breeding and genetics
  • New species
  • Product quality
  • Preventive health measures
  • Production technology and the environment

More than 1000 research tanks

The research facilities were originally built to house breeding families of salmonid and for feeding experiments. Today, the station comprises more than 1000 research tanks and 600 hatching incubators in different shapes and sizes, ranging in size from a hatching incubator (diameter 20cm) through to pools for broodstock (diameter 11m). The facilities include a separate, climate-controlled room and live-feed cultivation unit for marine fish.
Fish species at the research station today are salmon, rainbow trout and cod.

Water sources:

  • Sea water from a depth of 40 m is used following filtration and UV disinfection
  • Fresh groundwater from three wells with stable temperature and quality
  • Cooling water from the power station
  • Turbine water from the power station
  • River water following filtration and UV disinfection

Research hall

A new research hall was completed in 1988 with a floor space of 1300 m². Experiments can be carried out here using five different water temperatures, while a monitoring system continuously records various parameters. In 2010 the Nofima Centre of Recirculation in Aquaculture opened. Read more about the centre in the link to the right.

Offices and meeting room

Other facilities at the research station include 25 offices, a meeting room and a cafeteria. The Sunndalsøra Research Station currently has a permanent staff of 41.

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