Processing pilot plant

Modern pilot plants for developing and testing of processes and equipment for industrial production.

For nearly 60 years, our institute has had its own pilot plants for the production of marine ingredients.

We have always had the latest technology and our facilities today include a modern bioprocessing plant.

Our processing plant equipment is extremely flexible and special processing line adaptations can be built on request.

The goal of our efforts with processing has always been optimal utilisation of the raw materials. We have had special focus on:

  • Increased bioavailability nutrients
  • Water-soluble components in marine raw materials
  • Utilisation of marine by-products
  • Processing of krill

Mass flows and process variables are carefully monitored and, together with our good raw material control, this provides a high and not least reproducible product quality.

We can handle volumes ranging from a few grams up to several tonnes.

We carry out large scale pilot production for our clients, as well as producing trial products.

Through bioprocessing of marine raw materials, we can take on many different types of research assignments, e.g. production of meal and oil from krill, Calanus finmarchicus and by-products.

Our most important operations include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanical dewatering, evaporation and drying
  • Grinding and micronising
  • Separation of oil and oil refining
  • Molecular distillation (removal of environmental toxins)
  • Micro, ultra and nano filtering and reverse osmosis
  • Emulsification
  • Agglomeration

Conserving of fish

Bulk handling of by-products has always been an important part of the department’s activities.

Our experience includes chilling different fish species in:

  • Refrigerated seawater (RSW)
  • Chilled freshwater (CFW)
  • Ice
  • Combinations of chilling methods including the use of various organic acids

Pilot plant facilities are available for the production of ice slurry.

Sampling / Inspection

Our department is responsible for quality controls relating to buying and selling fishmeal and fish oil produced in Norway (in agreement with Norsildmel).

We can also offer services relating to the inspection of shipments and sampling during the loading and unloading of meal and oil.

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