Major investment for fishing of the future

Nofima is a partner in a new Centre for Research-based Innovation to promote value creation through more responsible and selective fishing.

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The Research Council of Norway has announced seven new Centres of Research-based Innovation charged with enhancing innovation capabilities in Norwegian trade and industry and addressing key societal challenges.

The Institute of Marine Research is the host institute, while Nofima is an R & D partner in the new centre, which is named the Centre for Research-based Innovation in Sustainable Fish Capture and Pre-processing Technology (CRISP).

"This is an extremely gratifying Christmas present and shows clearly that our scientists maintain a high professional level," says Nofima CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen.

"There was tough competition and the strongest possible quality criteria. I would like to congratulate the Institute of Marine Research as host institution and am looking very forward to working together in the new centre."

Primary objective

The centre’s primary objective is to promote value creation. The centre will develop technology for application with fisheries using purse seines and trawl nets, which will ensure only fish that satisfy certain specifications will be brought onboard.

Consequently, this can reduce illegal dumping of fish. The promotion of more responsible and selective fisheries can achieve better fisheries resource management.

"The results of this effort can lead to a new era for fisheries. New knowledge and technology will lead to a more responsible way of fishing in the future," says the Director of Nofima Marked, Bjørn Eirik Olsen, adding: "Increased focus on gentle catching and handling will provide better quality and greater values for the products we harvest from the sea."

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