First SALMA salmon, now STRØM cod

A completely new fresh cod product is being launched under the brand name STRØM. The cod is slaughtered, filleted and packed within four hours of swimming in the sea.


The main aim of Marinepack 2010 is to contribute to high competitiveness and profitability and the lowest possible climate and environmental impact for the Norwegian packaging and seafood industries. The MarinePack project is the third of its kind and is being financed by three different Research Council of Norway projects: BIA, Smartrans and the Food Programme. Østfoldforskning, Nofima, packaging companies, fisheries companies, a transporter and an equipment supplier are all participating in the project. The project will conclude at the end of 2011.

“We have been working for a long time on developing a product and a concept that will promote the excellent quality and freshness that it is possible to supply,” explains the Managing Director of Codfarmers, Harald Dahl to

“This is a pre-rigor filleted product, which is fast chilled and hygienically processed. It also has a packing method to suit the product, giving loins with good sensory qualities and good shelf life,” says researcher Anlaug Adland Hansen, who has done a great deal of work on this project.


“This project is a good example of how research, product development and design can run in parallel towards an actual product launch. The group that has been working on the project is made up of people with extensive expertise in different areas, and that has been important for success. This project now stands as a good example of how research expertise can be given a very specific commercial application. This has been a very inspiring project,” says Ådland Hansen.

Packaging makes a big difference

Henrik Andersen, Marketing Director of Codfarmers, emphasises that good hygiene during processing and the type of packaging help keep the product fresh and in top condition all the way to the consumer. He guarantees the fresh cod for ten days.

The product is packed in a modified atmosphere. The pack with its bottom foil is also similar to the familiar SALMA packaging.

The researchers at Nofima have carried out a number of packaging trials for this as part of the Marinepack 2010 project, which is financed by the Research Council of Norway.

“We have been working with the packaging manufacturers Tommen Gram and with Codfarmers to arrive at the best quality product,” explains Anlaug Ådland Hansen.

Wants to expand

In November 2010, Codfarmers will launch the fresh cod loins in consumer packs under the brand name STRØM. The product will initially be introduced in a limited number of Norgesgruppen’s supermarkets in Oslo, with distribution being expanded in early 2011.

The fish is farmed in Saltstraumen; hence the name STRØM.

“Initially the STRØM brand name will be used for one product, but the concept allows for launching further products under the same brand later,” says Henrik Andersen to

Celebrity chef and Bocuse d’Or winner Terje Ness has created recipes and serving suggestions and is putting STRØM on the menu in his own restaurants.

Food safety and quality  

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