Vegetable pilot plant

In Nofima's vegetable pilot plant, our customers can try out new processes and products on a small scale. The pilot plant is in close proximity to the pilot plant for packaging, storeroom and all our research laboratories.

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Portrettbilde av Berit Karoline Martinsen

This means we have a unique opportunity to follow a product through production, packing and storage and to analyse the product for sensory, microbiological and health quality right through the process.

The vegetable pilot plant contains equipment for

  • Washing and peeling vegetables
  • Cutting and mixing vegetables
  • Heat treatment of vegetables, potatoes, fruit and berries
  • Production of juice, jellies and jam

The vegetable pilot plant is part of Nofima’s food workshop, which also offers a bakery, pilot plants for packaging, meat and meals laboratory. They are all approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. There are opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration between all these process pilot plants, making it possible to work

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