Help with transferring knowledge

In collaboration with a number of other research institutions in Europe, Nofima has developed guidelines for the effective transfer of knowledge and technology. These have been collected in the Truefood Guidelines.

The Truefood Knowledge 2010 guide is primarily aimed at consultants and project managers who work in the interface between research institutions and industry.

Tips for effective involvement
“The guide is meant to be like a menu; everyone can pick out and read what is relevant for them, rather than read it from cover to cover,” says senior adviser Gunhild Drabløs of Nofima Mat. She is co-author of the guide and has mainly contributed to the chapters on implementation of research based knowledge, useful tools, models for the transfer of knowledge and technology and Norwegian success stories.

There is great interest in the involvement model Nofima has developed in European research and information circles. The model shows a step by step process. Companies can acquire research based knowledge through visiting schemes, networks and participation in research projects at national and international level.

Easy to find your way
Each chapter of the Truefood guide starts with a summary so that everyone can easily find out which chapters are relevant for them.

The guide gives advice on:
– The transfer of knowledge in the innovation process
– Identification of needs
– Dialogue between industry and research
– Implementation of research based knowledge
– Useful tools for the transfer of knowledge and technology
– Management of the knowledge and technology transfer process

The eighth and final chapter presents Nofima’s involvement model and also a number of success stories from different European countries.

 Innovation, Consumer and Sensory Sciences  

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