European seafood conference

The conference will cover a wide area, but the consistent line running through it is the quality of seafood products. The two-day conference is divided into sessions covering Health and the Consumer, Sustainability, Seafood Processing and Non-Destructive Measurement Methods.

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Torstein Skåra

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The conference will be held at Måltidets Hus in Stavanger on 9 and 10 March 2010. Speakers will include key European figures and naturally the organisers, Nofima and Campden, will be represented.

Nofima Mat has had a strategic collaboration with Campden BRI in England for some time. This has led to joint project work and a common focus on international meetings and conferences. In March, Nofima and Campden will organise the second European Fish and Seafood Conference in Stavanger.

"Conserving and processing seafood products is a clear focus area for us and it is therefore very important for us to be able to participate actively in international research in this field," says the Norwegian member of the programme committee, Torstein Skåra, a Research Scientist at Nofima Mat. The first joint conference was held in London in 2007. This year’s programme is designed to be relevant for the seafood industry all over Europe.

"It is difficult to say that any one session will be more interesting than another, but since I work with processing myself, I would highlight the session on seafood processing. We will be shedding light on areas like new freezing techniques, aseptic techniques for seafood processing, super-chilling and MA packaging of seafood," says Skåra. He is currently working on surface pasteurisation of seafood and the use of aseptic techniques for packaging.

Raw materials and process optimisation  

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